[TUTORIAL] How to link your portfolio, documents, pictures or videos to the new Linkedin profile?

Did you know that the new Linkedin interface allows you to integrate your portfolio, documents, images and videos directly on your profile and only in a few clicks? 4 quick steps to add your Dokker Portfolio and documents to your Linkedin profile. Read more ›

France falls behind the Social Networks recruitment trend!

Recent market analysis shows that although most French people benefit from high speed internet connections and spend an increasing amount of money on websites, they have not gone through the social networks recruitment revolution yet. Discover why! Read more ›

How to add a portfolio to your Linkedin profile

Nowadays, it becomes ever more important to promote your work on Social Networks. Linkedin already offers several ways to reference your websites on your profile. But did you know that you can reference your portfolio on your profile?
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An exec’s tale…

If you have to come up with documents at work, whether it is presentations, spreadsheets or narrative documents, you know how hard it is to face the “blank page”. This is only the beginning of a long and frustrating process….
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Dokker live!

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5 essential tips to be contacted through Linkedin or Viadeo

Follow these 5 essential tips to get noticed on Linkedin and Viadeo and maximise your chance of being contacted by a recruiter or a customer. Read more ›

Let’s learn from the developers for once! Professionals need to take a similar path.

Your work environment is changing. Fact. We are not talking technology here but the byproduct of what technology enables us to do. Think about it carefully. 10 years ago, apart from some lucky art industry professionals who was working from “home”? Read more ›