An exec’s tale….

If you have to come up with documents at work, whether it is presentations, spreadsheets or narrative documents, you know how hard it is to face the “blank page”.

This is only the beginning of a long and frustrating process….

  1. 1st – You ask a colleague “who has no clue” of what you’re looking for, or “is in a meeting”, or “far too busy”.
  2. 2nd – You start searching the web. In the middle of the 156th page of results you might be able to dig up something potentially interesting. You take a chance.
  3. 3rd – The document has a nice title, however you’ve never heard of this website or the author (username: MickeyMouse1976), but have to register to it and “maybe” you’ll get access to the first 3 pages of a… PDF document
  4. 4th – At this stage it’s already 11.00pm and you need to provide your document for 9.00am. It’s going to be a long night…
  5. 5th – You manage to get hold of the PDF document. Obviously, this is the biggest section of the document that is of interest to you and of course you can’t copy and paste it! (maybe because you’re not allowed to, but now it’s too late to turn back and start again anyway…)
  6. 6th – You can’t display the document properly on your screen and type yours at the same time. So you decide to print it!
  7. 7th – Of course the printer is out of tonner and your colleague’s last 250 page presentation is in the printing queue ahead of you.
  8. 8th – So you end up trying to remember what you read in the PDF and start writing your own document.
  9. 9th – At 2.00am, the document is well advanced and you’re sure that you’ll finish it by getting up an hour earlier than usual…

Sound familiar? Don’t you think that a reliable international source of ready-to-use professional documents made by professionals like yourself would not come in handy?

This is what we thought at Dokker back in late 2011.

So how do we do it?

  1. We gather any type of ready-to-use documents (so no read only pictures, pdf or protected kind of documents).Worldwide.
  2. You register through your preferred professional social network (Linkedin or Viadeo)
  3. You can see the professional identity of the authors of the documents you’re interested in. Thus, you can be confident of their level of expertise and reliability.
  4. You can check your professional network activity and how they share their expertise.
  5. You become visible to other professionals and companies who are looking for expertise by uploading your own documents.

In the end, you save time, you extend your network, you gain credibility and boost your own marketability.

You enhance your digital presence.

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