[TUTORIAL] How to link your portfolio, documents, pictures or videos to the new Linkedin profile?

Did you know that the new Linkedin interface allows you to integrate your portfolio, documents, images and videos directly on your profile and only in a few clicks? The main benefit for you is that it can improve your professional credibility, thanks to your work deliverables which showcase your skills to potential recruiters or customers.

In 4 quick steps, I will walk you through today on how to add your Dokker Portfolio and documents to your Linkedin profile.

1. On Linkedin, go to the « Profile » tab, and then click on « Edit ». 

2. Go to the « Summary » tab and focus on the framed area on the screenshot. You can see that it is now possible, via a direct URL, to add documents and get discovered for your work! 

3. Sign in on Dokker.com and click on the « My Portfolio » tab.

4. To add your portfolio or a specific document, copy-paste your direct URL link on your Linkedin profile (Step 2).

1. Add your Portfolio

Then, the following screen is displayed. The original portfolio title and description are automatically re-transcribed. Click on “Save” and it’s done!

2. Add a specific document

As with the portfolio, this screen is displayed. Again, the title and description are retranscribed. Then, click on « Save ».

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